Transactional Work



  • Family LLCs
  • Family Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Leveraged Buy Outs/Sales of Stock/Purchase of Assets
  • Deal Memorandums
  • Due Diligence Process
  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Service Contracts
  • Liability Releases and Waivers
  • Property Title Transfers
  • Generation SkippingTrusts (Dynasty Trusts)
  • College Tuition and Medical Expense Payments for Grandchildren
  • Gift Tax Exemptions
  • Charitable Giving
  • Standard Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Title Analyses and Opinions
  • Transfer of Title Issues

Many of our estate planning clients are also successful entrepreneurs, business owners or partners or members of existing businesses. We offer a broad range of business-related services anywhere from advising a new start-up group on the choice of entity structure to drafting corporate documents for the sale or termination of a business. Attorneys at Macanas Estate & Elder Law have experience in purchasing existing businesses and guiding clients through the process of selling or transferring a business. In addition, Macanas Estate & Elder Law is called upon to advise clients in the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of business contracts.


Estate and gift tax planning can be a complicated and overwhelming process for many people. Federal and state tax laws are complex and confusing, with different exceptions and exemptions available. Fortunately, good estate planning tools can be used to protect your assets from excessive estate and gift taxation.


Hawaii presents real estate issues that are unique and multifaceted. In the context of trust administration and probate, critical issues regarding ownership of residential and vacation properties often consume most of the parties’ attention and focus. Often, clients are concerned about how a particular property that has a mortgage will be maintained and used during the interim until the mortgage is paid off. Other issues may surface such as when a couple purchases a piece of vacation property or a second home, but failed to update their estate plan to have it placed into their trust. Upon death, the value of the property may come into question, adult children begin to dispute property ownership, and conflicts over the management of the asset may arise. Macanas Estate & Elder Law is in a position to represent individuals and families who have real estate property tied up in trust settlement negotiations or even probate. We can assist with coordinating the estate valuation for tax purposes, property transfer tax issues including strategies to avoid the uncapping of taxable values, dealing with lenders after death and assisting clients to avoid litigation.