About us

oceanviewBased in Honolulu, Hawaii and founded in 2010, Macanas Law Firm serves all Hawaiian Islands, delivering transactional work relative to Hawaii trusts and estates, wealth transfer planning, Medicaid, taxation, asset protection, business and real estate. Our attorneys are dedicated to counseling others in an innovative, prompt and compassionate manner with a high degree of sophistication and personal service.

Macanas Law Firm represents individuals and families with complex assets and issues. We value planning transparency and regularly invite and integrate the services of highly-skilled, ethical professionals. Using a coordinated interdisciplinary approach, we avoid packaged mediocrity by designing thoughtful, custom-tailored structures that reduce federal income, estate and gift taxes while supporting portfolio growth with management flexibility. Our open advisory platform tightens the estate’s overall financial security and increases the probability of multi-generational, family wealth continuity.

Macanas Law Firm maximizes results by using the most advanced techniques currently applied in our field. We give our clients an edge that translates to significant savings, efficiency and satisfaction. We also audit existing plans to develop improvements that will address issues having a negative impact in actual practice. In other words, even if you have already engaged in planning, in many cases, our attorneys can reform existing plans to achieve greater outcomes than before.

Please contact us to receive more information about how Macanas Law Firm may be able to assist you. A free consultation and flat-fee services may be available depending on the type of representation you need.